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The Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU) works with clinicians and researchers to conduct clinically important high quality multicentre randomised trials that improve health and wellbeing. As a UKCRC registered clinical trials unit, we have knowledge and expertise in the design and conduct of randomised trials, particularly large multicentre trials.


We welcome proposals for collaboration on new trials. If you are preparing to apply for funding for a multicentre trial and would like to collaborate with us, the first step is to send us a brief description of your proposal; we suggest using our collaboration proposal template for this. 

We recommend that you approach us as early as possible. If you would like to contact us before sending your collaboration proposal, please email;

Proposals for collaboration are considered by our Collaboration Proposal Committee.

Key criteria for considering each proposal:

  1. Does it address a clinically important question?
  2. Is the gap in the evidence supported by a systematic review?
  3. Is the trial feasible?

If further investigation of the proposal is recommended, then a meeting will be arranged to discuss the scientific basis for the proposal and the potential trial design.

Please see the process flow here.



Collaboration Proposal template

Completed collaboration proposal templates should be submitted to:

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