Frequently Asked Questions



What if there is a problem?

If you have any questions or concerns about the questionnaires we have sent you, you can contact the study coordinating centre at the Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU):


In the unlikely event that something goes wrong and you are harmed during the study, there are no special compensation arrangements. If you are harmed and this is due to someone’s negligence then you have grounds for a legal action for compensation but you may have to pay your legal costs. The normal NHS complaints mechanism will still be available to you.




Who is organising and funding this study? How has it been approved? 

The study is being organised by the Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (the Sponsor) and coordinated by the NCTU. The funding for the study is provided by the National Institute for Health Research. All research in the NHS is looked at by an independent group of people, called a Research Ethics Committee, to protect your interests. This study has been reviewed and given favourable opinion by London - Chelsea Research Ethics Committee.  

Patients who have previously been treated for hearing impairments, including hearing aid users, have helped us plan and design this study.  Patients’ representatives are also involved in the teams that oversee the running of the study.  




What are the choices about how my information is used?

You can stop being part of the study at any time, without giving a reason, but we will keep information about you that we already have. Because the data we have collected on you will be anonymous, we will not be able to let you see or change the data we hold about you. If you provide consent to be contacted again, but later change your mind, you can withdraw from future contact by informing the FAMOUS Study team by email or telephone. Our email address and telephone number are in the next section. After 10 years your data collected during the study will be disposed of securely. 



Where can I find more about how my information is used?

You can find out more about how we use your information:

by calling the Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit on 0115 823 1585. 




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